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  • Our Lower Carbon Journey

    02 janvier 2010 ( #Grenouilles vertes )

    I have met mothers on 10th December 2009 at Harrogate Toy Library where I had invited them to make with me a Carbon Reduction Journey. I have shown them how to use the current Cost Energy monitor (15 can be borrowed from the library) and given them a...

  • NYCC will burn our waste instead of recycling.

    30 juin 2010 ( #Grenouilles vertes )

    I am opposed to York and North Yorkshire councils' long-term waste strategy wich is to burn our waste in an incinerator instead of recycling it. Why against incineration? 1. Finance – the financial implications for North Yorkshire and Great Britain are...

  • NYCC Transport Plan fails to face up to challenge of Climate Change

    21 juillet 2010 ( #Grenouilles vertes )

    North Yorkshire County Council’s Climate Change Strategy (Dec 2009) says that it will ‘permeate all areas of our business – from transport to energy usage, from schools to roads’. It also states that the council ‘will ensure that climate change issues...

  • Our Carbon Footprint on 10:10

    17 octobre 2010 ( #Grenouilles vertes )

    To celebrate 10:10:10 I have calculated my new carbon footprint to compare it to last year calculation. We have reduced our carbon footprint by 24% in only 10 months and will go even further after we install the Solar panels. Summary Total CO2 (kg) %...

  • Children French Classes

    28 avril 2013 ( #happy frogs )

    Maman Marie is offering few Children French Classes. Please contact me if you are interested or if you would like Spanish or German with Auntie Katie. FRENCH CLASSES for who? (+ one adult can stay) Cost Level of French required Wednesday 4:10 till 4:55...

  • Childcare Job vacancy

    27 novembre 2013 ( #happy frogs )

    We are recruting a new assistant Provider: The Happy Frogs – Bi-lingual Childminder Job Title: Assistant Childminder Duties: All childcare duties of assisting Registered Leading Childminder to look after the children few hours per week and to cover other...

  • Price list for childcare with Maman Marie

    29 septembre 2016 ( #happy frogs )

    I am flexible with the number of hours you wish me to work. Prices are set according to the number of contracted hours per week. Please look on my main website for up-to date prices. If you have more than one child please look here for sibling discount...

  • J'apprends le Polonais

    13 décembre 2008

    Dzien dobry J'apprends le Polonais avec la methode BBC Active Get By in Polish. Je suis mise au Polonais il y a plusieurs mois. Mes progres sont lent mais ce qui a été surprenant c'est que les progrès developmental du petit garçon polonais que je garde...

  • I Boycott the Guid of Master Craftsmen Members

    02 novembre 2010

    Choosing the right company to carry out work for you can be a big decision. Scams and fraud are on the increase. The Guild of Master Craftsmen claims they are committed to pursuing the interests of the consumer through careful membership selection and...

  • Is it good bye Quicken?

    05 février 2012

    I have been using Quicken for more that 10 years, it answered all the accounting needs I had: Pros: - Multi-curancy (I have one French account) - Caluculate interest on Mortgage - has custom dates for tax summary therefore I can have a report from 6th...

  • La French Touch

    21 janvier 2008 ( #La belle vie )

    Nous avons prévu une nouvelle sortie. Si vous souhetez vous joindre à nous faites le moi savoir car j'ai un prix réduit sur les tickets car nous sommes plus que 8 a y aller. LA FRENCH TOUCH The talented and charming Isabelle Georges and Frederik Steenbrink...

  • Complaints Procedure

    05 octobre 2008 ( #happy frogs )

    I hope that you are happy with the service that I provide, but I appreciate there may be times when I am not offering you and your child(ren) the service that you require. I hope that you will feel able to discuss any concerns or issues that you may have...

  • VACANCES 2009

    17 juillet 2009 ( #happy frogs )

    T he school summer holidays are starting today, under the rain. The children may play with the Castle in the Playroom or with the Wii. Programme for the week starting 20th July 2009: Monday we will go to Harewood house Tuesday afternoon we will be at...

  • Energy Saving Week

    21 octobre 2009 ( #Grenouilles vertes )

    It’s Energy Saving Week (19 th – 25 th October) to look at how we can go green and cut our domestic carbon footprint. Saturday came a double glazing guy to quote for windows for Lynton Gardens: cost £4,146 for 5 PVCu Windows. How much saving should I...

  • aime

    28 octobre 2009 ( #La belle vie )

    J'aime j'ai une playliste bien française mais depuis quelques temps j'ai le message : "Désolé, vous n'avez pas accès à ce titre depuis votre pays de résidence". C'est dommage, je voulais écouter des chansons de mon adolescence. Pourtant...

  • Apple trees marks Heathrow runway protest

    09 décembre 2009 ( #Grenouilles vertes )

    Organised by local Greenpeace member Sue Kitching from Knaresborough, we have planted 2 apple trees to mark Knaresborough’s twinning with Sipson – the village earmarked for destruction if the proposed third runway at Heathrow Airport goes ahead. The ceremony...

  • walking from the train station

    19 février 2009

    <a href="" mce_href="">Walk from train station</a><br/><a href=""...

  • Visibility Fashion

    29 mai 2006 ( #happy frogs )

    Children’s Hi-Visibility waistcoat Age 4 - 6, M 7 - 9, L 10-12 Yellow or orange or red £8 Reflective Hi-Vis Sports Bag £10 Hi-Vis reflective poncho £5 Reflective Hi-Visibility Bum Bag £9 Apron for painting Was £5 now £4.25

  • Fête de la musique

    17 juin 2007 ( #La belle vie )

    la Fête de la musique21 juin - 8pmThe Watherhole43 Great George St - Leeds If you live in or near Harrogate your could carshare with helene and I or from other places try . merci d'écrire à pour reserver votre place.

  • The Big Lunch 2010

    19 juillet 2009 ( #La belle vie )

    We have organised a Street Party for the resident of Lynton Gardens. Our neighbours are invited to join us for a Big Picnic with home-grown or locally grown produce. Sunday 18th July 13:00, Visite for and Flickr to see more photos...

  • frog-spawns rescue mission

    02 avril 2010 ( #Grenouilles vertes )

    Can you see the frog-spawn in the middle of this photo taken 2 days ago of this flooded courtyard? Today the courtyard is dry and the frog spawns have been rescued by Louis and I. The Frogs new habitat, our new pond next to the raised vegetable bed.

  • Deux photos du mariage de Flore à Paris, les copines place Vandôme

    06 janvier 2014

  • Les deux soeurs et les mariès

    06 janvier 2014

  • Dans le bus

    06 janvier 2014

  • Vacances de Fevrier 2007

    06 février 2007 ( #happy frogs )

    I would like to go to Eureka on Thurday 15th February. I will have 2 or 3 children with me. See

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