I Boycott the Guid of Master Craftsmen Members

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Choosing the right company to carry out work for you can be a big decision. Scams and fraud are on the increase.

The Guild of Master Craftsmen claims they are committed to pursuing the interests of the consumer through careful membership selection and has proven procedure for conciliation and mediation, in the unlikely event there is a dispute with a member.

If you chose a Guild of Master Craftsmen Member, you have no guaranty that they are honest as the references given for membership selection can be fabricated. My guess is most members are honest but  even if their is a dispute, even if their is a court case, The Guild refuses to share the references used for membership selection because of data-confidentiality. How convenient...

If things go wrong, like a Member you invited for a quote but had later been informed he has not been chosen for the job, then trespass into your property and steal your iron gutter from your house, replacing it by plastic and claiming you contracted them to do it, then invoice you lots for that. Of course you don't want to pay for something you didn't wanted to happen but they threaten you with court action.

It's easy for them, The Guild of Master Craftsmen will help them, they have a cheap debt collection service, that their member can use and the member you have contacted for a quote has not send you a quote, you have not asked him to do the job, nothing is written, it's you word against his. Then a Solicitor specially appointed by The Guild of Master Craftsmen send you a letter at low cost to the member and help them filling the County Court Claim form against you.

Please help me: If any of you had positive or negative experiences with Guild of Master Craftsmen Members or with Andrew Norton from AA Roofing & Aerials, Roofing of Harrogate, Roofing and Aerials or NHR please contact me, I am interested to hear from you. 


  Mr Norton has been using the FENSA logo on printed advertising and on the Internet without being FENSA registered. He has now removed the FENSA logo from the Internet and FENSA is pursuing him for use off their Logo. This doesn't show him in a good light but he still gets the support and accreditation from The Guild of Master Craftsmen. 


Some satisfied customers have written positive reviews about Mr Norton's businesses like K Genkings from south park road‎‎  see info and  clare-lfc - who both wrote reviews on the 29 Jan 2010 on Google and Andy N and Andrew N who both wrote positive reviews on 23/07/2009 on TouchLocal.com. If you know of them could you ask them to contact me?

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