Sibling discounts

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You can see that my price per hours goes down the more hours per week your child is registered with the Happy Frogs. Some of the childminders I know don’t take children part time as they want to fill their places full time. I welcome children for any length of time as long as it doesn’t interfere with my Ofsted ratio: maximum one under 1, 3 under school age, 6 under 8 years old.

One 1 hour or less is the highest price, from 1 till 8 hours is high, from 9 till 18 is middle price, goes down again up to 36 hours and finally from 36 hours and up is our lowest price per hours.

I have a very fair discount for siblings:

If you have a child under 5 years old staying for 16 hours and a sibling registered after school for only 4 hours per week you will not be invoiced with the higher and middle price range but with the lower price range is if they where registered for 20 hours. Does this make sense? If not please contact me for clarification.

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