Children French Classes

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Maman Marie is offering few Children French Classes.

Please contact me if you are interested or if you would like Spanish or German with Auntie Katie.


 for who? (+ one adult can stay)  Cost  Level of French required
 Wednesday        4:10 till 4:55
4 to 6 children maximum
 £7 per child* per hour
 No knowledge of French necessary.
  Saturdays.   9:45 till 10:45

2 to 3 children maximum
 Beginners from 2 up to 6 years old.
 £16 per child* per hour.
 No knowledge of French necessary.
My 2 years old daughter and Children who used to go to French for Fidget are attending this class.
 Saturdays  10:45 till 11:45

2 to 3 children maximum
For bilingual French Children from 8 years old to 11 years old

 £8 per child* per hour
 Good level of French necessary
My 10 years old son and a French 8 years old child who used to go to "la petite école" in Leeds are attending this class.

* Parents are welcome to stay and learn French too.

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