Energy Saving Week

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It’s Energy Saving Week  (19th – 25th October)  to look at how we can go green and cut our domestic carbon footprint.

Saturday came a double glazing guy to quote for windows for Lynton Gardens: cost £4,146 for 5 PVCu Windows. How much saving should I make for the investment to pay for itself? If 5 windows save 10% energy = £100 per year saving maxi. If I overpay my mortgage by £4,146 I will save £239 per year in mortgage repayment.
I love my old wooden windows, don't like PVCu. I can't get motivated to order new windows.

Sunday I have signed-up to 10:10 
uniting everyone around immediate, effective and achievable action, 10:10 enables us all to make a meaningful difference.

Monday I had a meeting with the Headmistress of our school who isn't keen on becoming the 25th
(and last?) school to join the Eco-school project in Harrogate because the staff is busy working towards the investor in people award, no time spare to invest on saving the planet and its people, but at least they will be able to display the the investor in people plaque and use the investor in people logo on stationery and recruitment advertisements.

Tuesday I was looking to replace my old fridge/freezer because according to the Energy Saving Trust I would save up to £36 and 140 kilogrammes of CO2 a year.  What I don't understand is that some of the  Fridge/freezers they recommend are using up to 576.0 kWh/year (I am sure this is more that what my fridge/freezer uses, how can I know?) I wonder as well how much Kg of CO2 is required for the production of a new fridge. For each loaf of bread it's 1.3 kg CO2.

Wednesday I have received the DVD of The Age of Stupid and I hope you will join me to watch it on the 30th October in Henshaws.

Thursday, What will I do to end the Energy saving week? Make the right decisions in the green investment I wish to do?

Friday, i have decided not to fly to my cousine's birthday near Paris and to spend Noël here at home. i have contributed to more than  half a tonne of CO2 by flying to France last year. By flying less I will cut my CO2 by more than the 10% I pledge for the year. I will keep my promess. I can take the train. I suggest you look at your footprint too.

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