Our Carbon Journey, Stage III Thursday the 4th of March

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The Low Carbon Journey is not about being a hippy.
We all live different lifestyles, some actions to lower our Carbon Footprint are easier to follow than other.

With the Low Carbon Meetings we can share our experience and move forward anyway that suit you.

Last month I have:
- Borrowed an Energy monitor and I have kept a check on my electricity habits. My average electricity usage is now 47 KWhr for 7 days. (I have saved 14% compared to my average usage last year)
- Fitted the Heat Keeper Foil radiator panels behind all my radiators to prevent heat loss into walls and save 15 to 20% energy.
- Fitted a free hot water tank jacket (more are available if you need one
01423 556909)

During Lent, I will try Meet Free Mondays because eating more vegetables is not only great for your health but also good for the planet too! UN figures suggest that meat production puts more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than transport.

Shall we share our recipes of Low CO2 cooking at next meeting or follow the order of the Low Carbon Passport?
When shall we have our next meeting? Is everybody OK with Thursday the 4th of March at the Toy Library from 10am till 11am?

If you wish, you can add a comment to the Blog with 1 or 2 actions that you will try to do this month or that you have done recently.

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