St John Fisher Sportscamps

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I have booked my son Louis with James and Charles to St John Fisher Sportscamps Monday 26th October.


The camps include over 30 different sports and games, led by enthusiastic and committed sports leaders.


All the camps run from 8.30 am to 4 pm every school holiday with excellent indoor and outdoor facilities.


If you would like your child (or your children) to learn some French before or/and after a day of sport I can be your childminder.

You drop your child at time convenient for you at my house before 8am /
or at 8:30 at St John Fisher Sportscamps and the fun carries on at my house until you arrive.
I will make it very easy for you and I help you in the booking process.

If you book before Monday 19th October, contact me and you will receive £5 discount for 
St John Fisher Sportscamps

You can see here a photo of Louis demonstrating his Cricket talents to fellow cricket player (W. wears the T-shirt). In the background 2 younger children are painting and cutting relentlessly. On that day a lot of arts was produced including cardboard light-sabers for each boy.

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