Shops have an "open door" policies on energy waste.

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More environmentally aware consumers are starting to question shops on their ‘open-door’ policies.

One categorical fact is that a closed, and preferably draught-proofed, door, will prevent heat loss much more effectively than a hot air blanket. By having two doors in series retailers can have the best of both worlds; keeping the outer door open, to tempt in customers, while keeping the inner one closed to prevent heat loss.
River Island new shop in Harrogate could have had an inner door to save up to 35% energy but the architect chose a very sleek entrance with an approximately 3.5m wide by 3m high opening with no door at all. I don’t think I am fanatic Environmentalist but, when I saw this new shop for the first time I though « How could planners allow this? » It’s OK for a shop inside a shopping centre but not on the high street. Below is River Island Environmental policy saying “committed to reducing our levels of energy consumption".
Are they really?

I purchase my goods and services from business who are proactive in the battle against climate change, closing doors on energy waste.

Je ne crois pas du tout à l'attrait de la porte ouverte. Un seul exemple : on va dans une boulangerie car elle est proche de chez soi, porte ouverte ou pas et si on va plus loin c'est pour aller acheter du meilleur pain, porte ouverte ou pas.

Ces portes ouvertes sont une hérésie environnementale. Par réaction je suis même enclin à ne pas rentrer dans un magasin qui opte pour ce système.

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