Our Lower Carbon Journey

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I have met mothers on 10th December 2009 at Harrogate Toy Library where I had invited them to make with me a Carbon Reduction Journey.

I have shown them how to use the current Cost Energy monitor (15 can be borrowed from the library) and given them a Low Carbon Passport from Harrogate Borrough Council and some of the following freebies:
-    Home energy check survey for a free personalised home energy report from Act on CO2
-    a thermometer from the carbontrust
-    a flushsaver from YorkshireWater
-    a ruler to check the thickness of your loft insulation from the energy saving trust
-    a "No Free Newspaper or Junk Mail" Letter box stickers to from North Yorkshire Waste Partnership
-    a wheel calculator for your fuel consumption
-    a pencil made of Recycled Newspaper from Harrogate borrough Council
-    Information leaflets about recycling and other info including car sharing
-    Heat Keeper Foil radiator panels to prevent heat loss into walls and save 15 to 20% energy

No everybody got each freebie and I have suggested we meet again on Thursday the 21st January 2010 at Harrogate Toy Library. I will give you more freebies, more information, we will watch a very small DVD to understand Climate Change and the importance of reducing our Carbon footprint. We may do a CO2 Quiz.

In exchange they need to use a Quick Carbon Calculator and e-mail me the results of their Carbon Footprint (I suggested they cut and past the result at the end). As soon as they give me their results they will be able to get more help and advise to reduce their carbon footprint. I will be able to monitor how much we will have saved as a group. You can see the details of my carbon footprint on my blog. It was 15 tonnes for 2009, it's a lot because my husband commutes to work by car and I have been flying to France few times last year. My next trip to France will be with the Eurostar and all the family is looking forward to travelling by train.

Wheel calculator for fuel consumption can be returned to me so I pass it on to the next person as it will help other to calculate their miles per gallon.

I have saved 40% of Gas between 2008 and 2009 in improving my confort at home, the journey doesn't stop here for me as Robin and me we are considering having our home Carbon Nutral and I wish to help others to save energy. The lower Carbon Journey is open to all, let me know if you wish to join.

I wish you all a Happy, lower carbon year 2010

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