Our Carbon Journey, Stage IV Monday the 19th April

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 Since Harrogate Borough Council has set up the kerbsite recycling scheme I have been recycling mostly only what we could put in the kerbsite boxes, newspaper, tins and glass bottles.

I read on Tesco's Carbon Label how much carbon saving we could make by recycling plastic bottles. This motivated me to recycle all packaging with the Mobius loop. I have investigated what can or cannot be recycled in Harrogate.

Plastics labels

There are seven different plastics labels, all made up of a triangle symbol with a number inside from 1 to 19.

Types of plastic

The following table illustrates the most common types of plastics used, their applications and the symbol which is often used to identify them on forms of plastic packaging.

Polymer Types Examples of applications Symbol
Polyethylene Terephthalate

Fizzy drink and water bottles only recycled with Harrogate Borough Council. The most commonly recycled plastic.

High Density Polyethylene Milk bottles can be recycle in most Household Waste Recycling Centre.

Polyvinyl Chloride Pipes, fittings, window and door frames (rigid PVC). Thermal insulation (PVC foam) and automotive parts. Not collected for recycling in Harrogate. pvc
Low Density Polyethylene Carrier bags, bin liners and packaging films. according to http://www.recyclenow.com our nearest place to recycle carrier bags is
Polypropylene There are no local banks where you can recycle Margarine tubs, microwaveable meal trays, also produced as fibres and filaments for carpets, wall coverings and vehicle upholstery. pp
Polystyrene According to www.recyclenow.com There are no local banks where you can recycle Food pots & tubs, Yoghurt pots, foam hamburger boxes and egg boxes, plastic cutlery, protective packaging for electronic goods and toys. Insulating material in the building and construction industry. There are no local banks where you can recycle Expanded polystyrene packaging in Harrogate
Unallocated References Any other plastics that do not fall into any of the above categories - for example polycarbonate which is often used in glazing for the aircraft industry unallocated

If you are having difficulty identifying your plastic waste please contact:

• The supplier of the material.
• Call the WRAP helpline on 0808 100 2040 or email
• Or visit Recoup at www.recoup.org

Types of plastic: WRAP


Our last Low carbon meeting was at Harrogate Toy Library on Monday 19th April 2010. We have looked at waste and reuse.

We have done some “recycled junk art" and have planted seeds with the children.

You may ask: "What is the link between Waste and planting seeds?"

"The rich, high quality compost we have used is made at home with food waste"

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