Is it good bye Quicken?

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I have been using Quicken for more that 10 years, it answered all the accounting needs I had:


- Multi-curancy (I have one French account)

- Caluculate interest on Mortgage

- has custom dates for tax summary therefore I can have a report from 6th April 2010 till 5th April 2011 (for UK tax)

- is easy to use

- does download from my UK banks

- has a good budget tool.

- good reconciliation.



Intuit has stoped supporting Quicken in the UK long time ago (untill now it seams) therefore I have not been able to update it and it's now running on a very slow old computer & this computer need to retire.


My options:

GnuCash (Free): Doesn't have custom dates for tax summary, report start from 1st day of the month till last day of the month. UK tax date starts on the 6th April. No mortgage calculation.

iBank 4 (£38): Still testing it, I have some problems with my old data (I don't know if I should start from scratch or correct all the mistakes brought up in the QIF file.   iBank includes a list of US tax codes and their descriptions! I need to see if this is compatible with UK tax.


MoneyDance(£35): I think it doesn't do the mortgage calculation (I have not tested) I don't know if I can select categories as tax related for a tax summary at the end of the tax year.


Quicken essencial for Mac: says quicken can't calculate Net worth and Capital Gain and Losses and iBank wrote  that Quicken Essentials for Mac cannot export data in QIF, OFX, and QFX formats.


YNAB and Liquid Ledger No download from bank possible.


If you have any opinion please let me know, I am a bit lost.


22/2/2013 I am now using iBank since a year. Good value for money, some little bugs and not as easy as quicken but it is very good.




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