Vacances de paques 2007

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Easter holidays are only one week away.

The activities I have planed are:Monday 2nd April: see the horses & planting seeds

Tuesday 3rd April: photo shot at Arts Photography in Adel Leeds for a fantastic portrait photography experience at their studio.  It will be fun - have a look at their Web-site. 

All the children in my care on Tuesday 3rd April will take part in this magical photographic adventure. I would love if as many people involved with the Happy Frogs in the past or present could be there with us on the day and on the photos. If you wish to take part, please phone me and I give you more information.

The photo shot will be followed by feeding feed the ducks in Golden Acre or Mean wood valley farm near-by.

Wednesday 4th April: painting at home, outdoor play and fire drill.

Thursday 5th April: Time Machine


I will give more information about the 2nd week holiday programme very soon. Will includes Wednesday Harlow Carr Gardens, and the farmer market in Harrogate on Thursday, see the horses... What else? The children will chose. Our favourites are craft, French snap, Faire les courses, French DVDs... and a lot of outdoor play.

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