French for Fidgets

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I would like to promote a new French Class starting on Thursday 19th April at 10 am in Christ Church in Harrogate.

What happens in class?
The teacher, Lucy Amos has written a fantastic range of songs, specifically designed to teach children simple words and expressions in a memorable way.  Learning is supported with handmade puppets and toys.  Games and role play add to the fun.  We use action songs to give the children a chance to move around and increase kinesthetic learning.  A brisk and varied programme retains the children's attention.

Classes finish with a drink and a homemade biscuit.  This provides the perfect opportunity for practising 's'il vous plaît' or 'merci'We end with a craft activity which the children really love and which gives the teacher a chance to interact 'en français' one-to-one with each child.

What age can my child start?
Some children start as young as 20 months and begin to speak French incredibly quickly.  Children who have already experienced nursery, playgroup or a music group respond particularly well  to French classes.

Do parents/carers stay for the class?
Yes.  This way you can support your child in their learning both during and after the sessions.  Parents/carers whose French is a bit rusty get a chance to brush up their skills and for complete beginners it's a gentle introduction!  To find when other classes are click on the
times and venues link.

For more information contact Lucy on

01904 706565        07946 589683


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