Action for the Environment

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The Action for the Environment Group is comprised of representatives from local environmental groups, businesses, and community and statutory organisations, allowing a wide range of environmental, social and economic interests of the community to be considered.

The group was established as part of the Agenda 21 process.
The aim of the Action for the Environment Group is to stimulate new projects and promote awareness of environmental issues. The Group helps the council in developing its environmental policy.

Wednesday 23rd November 2011 - 5.30 pm
Council Offices, Crescent Gardens, Harrogate

2012 Meeting Dates:
All meetings start at 5.30pm at the Council Offices, Crescent Gardens
Wed 8th February 2012
Wed 11th April 2012
Wed 6th June 2012
Wed 26th September 2012
Wed 28th November 2012

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