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Two month ago, Maks, a little Polish boy, speaking only Polish has started coming to me. Below is what Karolina, his mother, has writen about me :
"I wanted my two and a half son to gain social skills, meet other children but I was very much aware it is not easy to find someone  who has competence, experience, who teaches children good eating, gives children affection, provides loving and stimulating environment, is really concerned about child's emotional, physical and mental development...
I wanted the person looking after Maks to be cheerful, energetic, imaginative, inventive, honest, passionate about work and interesting as a human being, setting good example for my child…
Yes, I know, my expectations were too high, or so it seemed. I was prepared for compromise or even a defeat. I contacted many people but still had doubts... and then one day I called Marie, whose details I'd been given by the
Children Information Services.
And so my son and I met the person I hoped for! With Marie, he is happy, busy and learns new things every day. He gets what he needs: attention, warmth, company of other tots, stimulating play, healthy food and a bonus: he learns French, Marie's mother tongue!
I know he is safe and properly looked after.

And she is not afraid to look after and talk to children from different lingual and cultural backgrounds - she does her best to try to communicate in child's first language if necessary and is ready to learn basic expressions (in our case she made a little Polish glossary, very useful during her first days with Maks).

I wholeheartedly recommend this enthusiastic and generous professional to all parents who are looking for quality childcare for their bundles of joy. Maks calls her “Maman Marie”.

Serdecznie polecam Marie jako profesjonalna opiekunke. Jestem bardzo zadowolona z jej uslug. Pomogla mojemu synkowi odnalezc sie w srodowisku rowiesnikow poslugujacych sie jezykiem angielskim, wyszla mu naprzeciw, uczac sie specjalnie dla niego polskich slow. Marie to ciepla, bardzo kompetentna osoba, dla ktorej liczy sie dziecko i ktora nie boi sie wyzwan ani roznic kulturowych i jezykowych. "

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