Jeudi et Vendredi

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Yesterday Robin has left for few days in Portugal.

Louis has been at playgroup in the morning. In the afternoon he was at the hospital to be sure he is fit for the procedure he will have on Monday. We have seen 5 different people including a Play Specialist. She showed Louis a big teddy bear wearing a Hospital kind of nightshirt, bracelet with his name on, bracelet with his allergy tubs stuck in each top of hand. Louis was supposed to play with the poorly bear so she can show him and prepare him for what is going to happen to him. We pretended to put cream on the bear's hand then put the "gas mask" on the bear for him to fell asleep. Then the doctor can make his zizi better.

Back home, Louis fell asleep when Mr John Wilson, my favourite plumber, phoned me to check the leak at 35 Silverfields Road. As the tenants did not answer the phone I met Mr Wilson and colleague there with Louis fast asleep in his pushchair.  The house and garden is very messy. Previously I had find roadwork sign in the garden and a big roadwork cone. This time it was inside that a roadwork sign was and a sign for cyclist and a car number plate from Holland. This becomes an unhealthy obsession. Road will not be safe if the signs are removed. I told Phill that I felt uneasy about this, he will tell his mates. I didn't help the tenants from Philippine to settle but I have bought for those a double bed and all they asked me for.

I had a great time tonight with Louis he has been making carrots soup (with the green) for most of the evening saying Yummy Yummy all the time. The boys from n.6 and 7 tried to break in our back garden they didn't manage to open the second lock because it's frozen, they knock at our door to ask to borrow our sledge. STRANGE. Then Louis and I have been for a walk in the snow. We loved it. Louis was so chatty, amazed by the noise of our steps, and all those things that the snow brings. Enjoy the moment, it may all melt tomorrow. Louis think Christmas will be soon.




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