Long Friday

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Long and exiting day,

I had so many phones call in the morning I had time to do nothing. I have been considered for Childminder Network membership and the North Yorkshire Quality Kitemark Scheme.

I have met for the first time new mama Isabelle with 5 months old bébé JD and cool daddy Ian. She is a friend of Andrea and they may use my childminding services from September or latter.

Edith and LP had lunch with Louis & I. Louis missed school because going to see the horses and playing with LP was as just as educational as school.

We received our weekly huge box of vegetables and fruits from Just Jeffers. (01423 88 10 43). What a treat. Every week a selection of fruits and vegs delivered to my door. The children and myself where very excited about it. We have received a fruit looking like a tomato but we don't know what it is. The kids have loved above all the bunch of carrots that still had their leaves and they plaid for hours with it. First they pretended it was hair and they where all hairdressers, then they made pretend soup before starting to make proper carrot soup with me.

Eight minutes before the school run our new washer/dryer arrived and I call James Hirst to the rescue, as I couldn't wait until they finish fitting to leave. Thank you James it won't be forgotten.

When Dee's mum arrived to pick her up I couldn't find my keys and Dee's bags where in my car. OUPS, I made a fool of myself but fortunately the car wasn't locked and I find my keys after one minute where I always put it when I want it to be safe from little hands.

I drove LP back to his parents and Louis was very distressed because he wasn't invited to stay and play like the previous week. I bought him a magazine (gagazine) and he was happy.

Louis and I finished making the carrot soup; a little bit of carrots and plenty of other fantastic vegs. The end product was very green and delicious carrot soup. Louis was very pleased to be eating something he had made "the carrot soup is very yummy".

Before going to bed he had done some fantastic jumping on our bed "in and out" did he said while making some great Gymnastic movements. Where did he get that from?

We read Pome d'api and he now sleeps.

I have search the internet for holiday accomodation. Voir acticle "Bonnes vacances" si vous voulez savoir ou et quand nous serrons en vacances.

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juliette 04/02/2006 11:07

Coucou Marie !Je viens de voir la future maison pour debut aout... Ah la belle vie !bisou bisou