Bee le chien and her perdrix

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Sam Gibson and his lovely dog Bee have staid at our House on Monday night. It was a great pleasure to see them. Sam arrived dressed in hunting gear (+4) with his gun, Bee's bed and food, and 2 perdix for us (French partridges). Last time we saw him was about 10 years ago in Prague, he was so young always ready to party. VIVA FLOW EAST & Martha.

Louis was very enthusiastic about Bee the dog. In the morning Joel had chosen a book about dog to read to her in her bed. Sam had no privacy when he was getting ready as the boys would not leave Bee and Bee would not leave Sam. When Sam and Bee left, Louis cried, he thought Bee had come to leave with us. All day Louis pretended to be a dog. I had to put dog beds in the dinning room for the 2 boys and they both had a poorly leg, like Bee.

I would like to keep a dog from time to time when their owner is away at work or on holiday. I am sure it would be fun and the children would love it.

Later as we removed the feathers from the partridges Louis said "look their is a chicken inside the bird". Good observation: When the partridge has feathers it looks like a bird, without his coat of feather it looks like a small chicken.

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