Childcare vouchers

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I accept Childcare voucher from Accor, Busy Bees and care4.


Big savings for business and you - Childcare Vouchers are Tax and National Insurance exempt for £55 per week (£243 per calendar month). Employer could save around £300 per year for each employee choosing Childcare Vouchers whilst you will save between £816 and £1,066 per year.

The childcare voucher schemes is per employee, so if your spouse or partner is also able to participate in the voucher scheme you should split your childcare costs between you to gain the maximum tax advantage



The tax exemptions on childcare vouchers apply only in respect of Registered childcare, if you have your children with someone not registered with Oftsed you are losing out in quality of care and you cannot use your tax exemptions.

For more information see Accor Services Direct web site 

For other discount see full price list

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