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Les Happy Frogs have a green policy.

We offer Green discount: if you commit to walk to pick up and drop off your child to my place I give you 10% green discount.

We walk to and from school. If the weather is very bad we drive only part of the way. Sometime we cycle to school.

We use local products whenever possible and organic products as often as possible. We try to buy in local shops.
We use some fairtrade products like bananas and coffee. 

We try not to waist food.

We use rechargeable batteries and battery charger.

We use ECOVER cleaning products.

We encourage wildlife in the garden

 I have a membership to Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth Harrogate.

We recycle as much as possible, all paper, Glass, tins and cans are recycled. Sometime we pick up litter on the Stray or on our route from school to put in our recycling bin.

I would like to see "Harrogate Plastic Bag Free" therefore I refuse free plastic bags in shops unless I really need one.

We use low-energy light bulbs where possible and switch off light when not necessary.

I have installed Cavity wall insulation in Silverfields Road in 2000 and in Lynton Gardens in 2009.

We have monitored our energy usage thank to an Energiy monitor borowed from the library.

We have swiches in place on TV and PC so that when we put the TV ot PC on stand-by, the switch turns all the appliances connected to it off including the Wii (which, without this stays on stand-by)

We don't shop in shop who leave their door open to let the heating out and the cold in.

My green intention for the near future:

Having double glazing or secondary double glazing on my windows where possible. Do you know someone who could help me with this?

Replacing our electric shower

I have regiseter to 10:10 and I have pledged not to fly this year.


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