Les 10 traveaux d'Hercules

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I have many projects of things to do to improve the house.

1- A gate and fences around the front garden

2 - Electricity sockets in living room, bedrooms and lighting in back and front of both houses

3 - Towel rail radiator in bathroom and new radiator in top room.

4 - Airing cupboard around the boiler, skirting board in bathroom.

5 - Remove fireplace in living room

6 - New wooden flooring in living room

7 - Redecoration of living room

8 - Insulate and transform the attic Void in big cupboard.

9 - Repair the gutters in both houses

10 - Have a tidy place with shelves & coats hangers under the stairs.

If you can help in my home improvement projects i.e.: you are a tradesman, in or near Harrogate, or know one who can help please let me know.


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Mana 23/07/2007 18:04

Non, nous n'avons pas fait 10 (on cherche encore quelqu'un pour le faire) et j'ai remplacé 6 par une moquette.

Marie 23/07/2007 17:38

Tu vas vraiment faire tout ça ?

Mana 31/03/2006 09:50

Robin has nearly finished the airing cupboard in Louis' bedroom. I need to order the doors and change the light switch.
The railings and gate have been ordered for the front garden to Marlyn Metalcraft. The front garden will be a safer place.
Towel rail radiator has been ordered and will be installed in 1st floor bathroom next week by John Wilson.
We will not do some of the other works in the list exept living room.