Sickness Policy

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It is my policy not to take children with illnesses or infection that may be passed on to other children. This includes Chicken pox, Mumps, Measles, German Measles, Conjunctivitis, Impetigo, sickness and or Diarrhoea.

If children are taking antibiotics, they should not attend the Happy Frogs.

Although if they are on a long course of antibiotics and are nearing the end and are otherwise fit and healthy, they may attend and I will administer the antibiotics. All details will be entered in the medicine book and signed by both the parent and myself.

If a child is found to be ill the parents will be contacted and will need to collect their child immediately or else send a designated adult to take their child home. This is for the protection of all the children and of myself. If I cannot work then everyone loses out.


I am first aid trained and I will ensure that this training is always kept up to date.

In an emergency I would contact parents as soon as possible and ask them to collect their child/children. If this is not possible they will accompany me at all times until their parents arrive. They will not be left with anyone else unless the parent has agreed in advance that they can stay with my emergency carer:

Ruth Hirst 28 Hurstleigh Terrace

Ruth has 3 children and is thinking of applying to become a childminder.

Parents should sign my Accident book if they want to give me permission to seek emergency medical assistance/treatment.

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