I'm dreaming of a green Christmas...

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We feel compelled to go out and buy and buy, spend and spend, but is it absolutely necessary?

Xmas card.

If you leave a "Comment" on my blog I will be more touched than if you write me a Xmas card.


Last year 83 sq km of wrapping paper ended up in UK rubbish bins. Wrap your presents in re-used paper or brown paper (undyed with toxins) and let the children decorate it. When you unwrap your presents you can keep the paper for next time you need some.

Switch off Electricity appliances and christmas light when not needed

Remember that a PlayStation 3, for example, costs approximately £164 a year if left in "Idle" mode. My phone charger when not in use is unplugged.


Don’t hesitate to tell other what you want for Christmas. I have asked Robin to wrap his car’s cigar lighter and to give it to me with the promise of giving up smoking. Louis has make huge progress in swimming and reading and he is well behaved; this is a fabulous gift I wish nothing more from him.

And to finish my Green Christmas list please take a carrier bag with you whenever you go shopping and refuse plastic bags.

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